Saturday, 26 May 2007

Festival Time

Although this blog has yet to get going, I'm guessing it's going to serve a few purposes: to provide ideas and generate enthusiasm for getting involved in the arts; to provide resources and comparisons for the ideas that are generated; to suggest social activities and venues for those who want to get involved. With that in mind, here's a list of local Festivals and similar events that might be interesting, fun - or simply dates to avoid (or co-ordinate with) when you start planning your own event:

Dates are for 2007.
Addington Street Festival (September, December)
Big Sky Kite Festival (September 22, 23)
Broadstairs Dickens Festival (June 16-24)
Broadstairs Folk Week (August 10-17)
Great Bucket and Spade Run (June 3)
Planet Thanet CAMRA Beer Festival (Easter)
Thanet Gay Pride (July 21)
Margate Big Sky Jazz Festival (July 6-22)
Margate Big Event (June 16,17)
Quex Park Horse Show and Country Fair (June 23, 24)
Ramsgate Carnival (July 29)
Ramsgate Jazz Week (July)
Ramsgate Powerboat Grand Prix (July 7, 8)
Ramsgate Regatta Week (August 11-17)
Sea Sunday Weekend (July 14, 15)
Thanet Music and Drama Festival (February-March)
Thanet Walking Festival (May 6-12)

And off the island:
Herne Bay Festival (August 18-26)
Canterbury Festival (October 13-27)
Folkestone Literary Festival (November)

Just got to find the time to see them all . . .

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Tara said...

Add to that:

part of Margate Big Sky Jazz, Kenny Ball and his band in Quex House Gardens, 22 July.

Ramsgate Jazz week (or weekend) I believe will take place August Bank Holiday Weekend (25/26)

4/5 August Margate Carnival Weekend

and events on Ramsgate Bandstand on Wellington Crescent:
30 JUNE – ‘Spanish Midsummer Revelry’
28 JULY – ‘Youth Music’
25 AUGUST – ‘Ramsgate Jazz Fringe’
29 SEPTEMBER –‘Dancing in the Moonlight’